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12 Benefits & Tips of Walking Your Dog

12 Benefits & Tips of Walking Your Dog

It's January: Walk Your Pet Month! 

After 2020, we really do need to enjoy the little things. And that includes the little holidays that get us by through the year. For January, it is Train Your Dog Month and Walk Your Pet Month. Earlier in January we talked about why you should get your dog trained, who to hire, and what questions to ask a dog trainer

In honor of Walk Your Pet Month we are sharing with you 12 Benefits & Tips of Walking Your Dog. 

12 Benefits & Tips of Walking Your Dog


  • By walking your dog at least 15-minutes two times a day, or 30-minutes once a day — will help keep your dog fit and active
  • Healthy weight = lower risk of your dog developing health such as diabetes, hypertension, and liver disease
  • While out on the walk, your dog is picking up all kinds of smells! Let them sniff because it helps with brain stimulation and enrichment
  • It provides structure and routine for these creatures of habit! By having this routine and structure, it can help build their confidence up and break their shell
  • Provides great bonding time
  • Helps keep their joints in function and the juices flowin’
  • BONUS! Walking your dog can help you (as the pet owner) reduce stress! 


  • Mix it up! Change up your route every so often to help you and your dogs mental stimulation
  • Walk in style – On January 14th it was National Dress Your Pet Day ! So have fun when you and your dog go out walking by dressing up in bright colors, tutus, anything! 
  • Be the pack leader, the one in charge of the walk
  • Have your dog sit at corners (look both ways!)
  • Practice having your dog walk appropriately on the walk so they don’t continue to embarrass you! (who is walking who?)

    Need help? Contact Us and a Fire Hydrant Dog Walker will get your dog into a routine where they behave and not act like a crazy squirrel on the walk! 


Here are just a few benefits and tips in honor of Walk Your Pet Month! How often do you walk your dog?