16 Unsafe Pet Food Brands Identified by the FDA

There’s an old adage that says, “You are what you eat.” For humans, this adage has been used as a warning for us to eat as healthy as we can to ensure a long, healthy life. But when it comes to your pet, it can become a challenge trying to figure out which dog and cat food brands are the best for your pet.

The good news is that the federal government has increased its efforts to ensure that all pets are healthy and strong. In fact, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified 16 brands to watch out for when it comes to pet food safety. 

According to a recent report, the FDA identified 16 brands that had been linked to cases of dilated cardiomyopathy, known as DCM or canine heart disease, which can result in congestive heart failure. 

16 Unsafe Pet Food Brands Identified by the FDA

16 Unsafe Pet Food Brands Identified by the FDA

In the report, the FDA named for the first time the pet food brands most frequently associated with adverse events. In descending order of most incidents of heart disease, the brands are: 

  1. 4Health
  2. Acana
  3. Blue Buffalo
  4. California Natural
  5. Earthborn Holistic
  6. Fromm
  7. Merrick
  8. Natural Balance
  9. Nature’s Domain
  10. Nature’s Variety
  11. Nutro
  12. NutriSource
  13. Orijen
  14. Rachael Ray Nutrish
  15. Taste of the Wild
  16. Zignature

The named 16 pet food brands were most frequently identified in 524 reported cases, which included 515 dogs and nine cats. Brands, such as Blue Buffalo, have issues statements in an effort to reassure pet owners concerning their pet food. 

As a professional pet sitting company, we want your pet live a long and healthy life, which is why we wanted to present these 16 pet foods brands in which the FDA (as of right now) says are unsafe and or have documented links to the development of heart disease and in some cases, death.

At Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting, we provide a wide variety of services for pets, but we believe that the food that your pet eats plays a crucial role in the overall quality of life. This is why, just to be safe, we recommend avoiding pet food brands that have been identified by the FDA and other reputable agencies through documented evidence and reports to ensure that your pet is consuming food that enhances his or her life.  



Post written by Nick Cole ; Image by Kasuma ; Featured image by Daria Shevtsova