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Love Your Pet Day

35 Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

Sunday, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day!  Enjoy a wonderful time with your pet and have a fun-filled day together. 

National Love Your Pet Day

For ideas on what activities do, check out the list below of 35 ways to love your pet.

  1. Bake a delicious treat for your pet 
  2. Walk in a new area 
  3. Check out a new hiking spot 
  4. Have a photo shoot together
  5. Watch movies with animals in it
  6. Have a grooming session
  7. Teach a new trick
  8. Have fun with a new toy 
  9. Spring clean their essentials and belongings
  10. Keep them company all day long
  11. Cook them a healthy meal
  12. Play games with them
  13. Cuddle with your pet
  14. Take them on a trip 
  15. Visit the nearest beach or lake for a water adventure
  16. If it snows in your area, make some snow angels 
  17. Go for a drive to see new sights
  18. Visit a Starbucks for a puppuccino
  19. Look up the nearest dog park and take your pet there
  20.  Make it a weekend getaway and travel somewhere nice
  21. Visit some family your pet has not seen in a while
  22.  Give your pet lots of praise and attention 
  23. Buy your pet new walking equipment or home necessities 
  24.  Go on and get that cute outfit you saw for your pet
  25.  Better yet! Wear matching outfits and show the world how much you two love each other
  26.  Join with a friend and have a double pet date together 
  27.  Check out a doggie day spa near you
  28.  Take your pet to a pet friendly restaurant 
  29. Love animals but don’t have any pets? Visit a shelter where you can give a furry cutie some love
  30.  You can donate to your local pet shelter
  31.  Offer to pet sit for someone who cannot give their pet the love full time
  32.  Take photos for someone who wants a photo shoot with their pets or of their pets
  33.  Get artsy and make something for a loved one’s pet or donate it to a shelter
  34.  Visit a retirement home and offer to walk the elderly owner’s dogs 
  35.  Host a neighborhood pet party and invite the local pets to some treats, fun, and events 

Share on social media the love you have for your pet and use the hashtag #NationalLoveYourPetDay 

Hope you have a treatful day with your pet! Happy National Love Your Pet Day, from the Fire Hydrant Team