4 Tips to Care for Senior Dogs

Did you know that our loving senior dogs can develop just about the same physical problems that we humans can experience as we get older? Our dogs can suffer from diabetes, vision impairment, and joint problems. It’s important to give them the proper care to prevent serious medical issues in their future with these tips to care for senior dogs. 

4 Tips to Care for Senior Dogs

For a happier and healthy pup, apply these 4 tips to care for senior dogs into your doggie’s lifestyle. 

To Care for Senior Dogs…Keep Them Active 

Continuing to have plenty of exercise is important for aging dogs. Keep in mind that their muscle mass, much like ours, is a driver of metabolism. If they lose muscle mass, they will slowly become frailer and age faster. An active lifestyle will also prevent weight gain, limit arthritis symptoms, and keep your dogs mentally sharp.

If you notice your dog’s activity level decreasing, there might be something bothering them. Monitor them and call your vet. 

To Care for Senior Dogs…Vet Check-Ups

The older your dog, the more time you will see their veterinarian. Visiting the vet’s office for regular checkups is helpful to keep tabs on their health. 

During these visits, make an appointment for your pet’s yearly blood work. This is to check on their white and red blood cells, kidneys, and liver function. 

To Care for Senior Dogs…Invest In Their Comfort 

Go on and buy your senior dog an orthopedic dog bed. This will be a great investment for them to aid in their arthritis and joint problems. Your dog will have a painless, relaxed sleep as well as improvement in their mobility, pain, and lifestyle.

Opt-in for a heated dog bed too. This can help with body stiffness and joint problems as well. The built-in heater warms up to your dog’s natural body temperature for a better, more comfortable slumber. This will show the loving care for senior dogs.

To Care for Senior Dogs…Adjust their Environment

Try having some small adjustments in your home to accommodate your aging pet. Carpeting will assist by providing a stable ground to get up from as opposed to constantly slipping on hardwood or tile floors.

Dog ramps are amazing for senior dogs to walk up alongside their family rather than having to be carried up the stairs o inside cars. 

Add plenty of water bowls around the house if your dog has easily been forgetting where their water is located. Elevate their bowls as well to prevent arching or leaning that could put damage onto their bones. 

Hope this was helpful, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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