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6 Fun Exercises for Cats

6 Fun Exercises for Cats

Cats deserve much-needed exercise as often as possible. On average, a cat should be having about 30 minutes of exercise every single day. Depending on the breed and personality of your cat, the amount of activity would be different. As long as your cat is moving and using their natural instincts in a form of these 6 fun exercises for cats, then they will keep their mind and body healthy.

6 Fun Exercises for Cats

These fun exercises will improve your cat’s mental well-being, avoid depression, prevent obesity, and strengthen the bond between owner and pet. 

Cat Tower

There are many cute and functional cat towers that you can purchase online or in pet stores. Cat towers are great for cat workouts. They can climb, scratch, and explore all along their tower. TIP: Try placing their treats throughout the tower to motivate your cat to play.


This will have your cat moving quickly and swiftly. Point to places where your cat can reward themselves for catching the light, such as treats or toys. NOTE: be sure to keep the light away from their eyes.

Agility Course

Some cats enjoy speed and physical challenges as well as mental challenges. Fortunately, there are cat agility courses online and different DIY courses to create right from your home with common household items.

Outdoor play

Did you know that cats can go on nature walks too? The right leash, lead, and harness will get your cat loving the outdoors. Make sure the equipment is secured tight on your cat. It will take some training but eventually, your cat will want to go on walks with you.

Cat Wand

Grab a cat wand and gift it to your cat for fun exercise time. This is the flexible wand-style toy that has a feather, mouse, or other distractions at the end of it. Play with your cat by moving the wand over things and having your cat follow.

Spread their Toys

Cats usually rather be alone, so what better way to encourage exercise than scattering their toys as sort of a hide-n-seek game. This works great for the busy owner too. Cats can spend all day looking for those toys that they love so much as well as getting their physical activity.

Enjoy these 6 fun exercises for cats, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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