kylie walking two dogs

A 3-Step Guide to Brushing Your Pets Teeth

Do you really need to brush your pet’s teeth? YES! As we learned from our interview with Priceless Pet Rescue’s Vet Clinic that your pet’s teeth should be getting brushed at least once a day to avoid serious health concerns, such as a severe bacteria infection.

How can you and your pet form a habit of brushing your pet’s teeth? Here is an easy 3-Step Guide to Brushing Your Pets Teeth!

1. Familiarity

Have your pet get used to having your finger or toothbrush in it’s mouth. Make them think it’s “fun” to have something in their mouth (without chewing!). Start off with peanut butter, or something similar, and have your dog/cat lick it off.

Then upgrade to rubbing the peanut butter on your pet’s gums and teeth. Even begin to practice opening your pets mouth to look inside. Again, make it fun! Exaggerate your happiness for them cooperating and even offer a treat.

Repeat this process consistently! 2-3 times a day is perfect, but AT LEAST once a day.

2. Introduction

Once your pet is used to your fingers or the toothbrush in its mouth, start replacing the peanut butter with toothpaste (THAT’S MEANT FOR DOGS, DO NOT GIVE THEM HUMAN TOOTHPASTE).

3. Practice & Reward

Just like any trick we teach our pets, it requires consistency! Keep a routine of brushing your pet’s teeth and remember to reward them with a treat, a toy, or even going for a walk! Keep it fun!

Have you been able to get in a habit of brushing your dogs teeth? How did you go about it? Share your experiences with us!