kylie walking two dogs

Annual Doggie Date Night

It is Annual Doggie Date Night! This year, the Annual Doggie Date Night lands on Thursday, February 3rd. Celebrate the love between you and your furry friend with these fun date ideas.

Here’s how you can make the night memorable: 

  1. If your doggie loves to walk…take them to a beautiful area where they can sniff around and gallop on the walkway. Show them where you grew up with a walk down memory lane. Make a day out of it and travel to their favorite national park.
  2. If your doggie loves games…create a game night. Scatter their toys around the house and play hide n seek. Channel your inner child and play freeze tag outside. Get the soccer ball out and run around the yard.
  3. If your doggie loves music…dance with them. Play some dancing music and groove along. Get the game console and put on Just Dance. Partner with your furry friend for a fun dance or compete to see who has the best moves.
  4. If your doggie loves food…make it a dinner date. Cook a dish that your furry friend loves. Or dress up and go out to your favorite dog-friendly restaurant. Afterwards, treat each other to dessert.
  5. If your doggie loves movies…have a movie night. Get the coziest blanket. Put on a pet movie. And sink into a warm cuddle with your four-legged loved one.

Our doggies love us so much, and we love them. A night dedicated to them is a great reminder of how much their companionship means. Annual Doggie Date Night is a devotion to the one who shows us all the love in the world. Because, in their eyes, we are their world.

Happy Annual Doggie Date Night, from the Fire Hydrant Team