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7 Tips to Be the Best Pet Sitter

Thinking of becoming a pet sitter? That’s great! Before you jump right in, you need to consider a few things. Being the best pet sitter is a big responsibility. It requires a lot of care and compassion to the pets of other pet parents. You have to be willing to treat and look out for a pet just as you would your own. It’s a big job with many factors; however, it is also a rewarding job that brings joy and comfort. Do you think you have what it takes to be a pet sitter? Check out these 7 tips to be the best pet sitter. 

Be Knowledgeable

As a pet sitter, it is not necessary to have a veterinary background. Yet, the more knowledge you have on pets, the better. As an animal lover you do have a leg up over other pet sitters. Want some experience before taking on the job? Start by caring for your friends’ pets. 

Go on and take CPR courses to help you better learn about pets. If not for the job, do it for your future with your own pets. 

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Be Responsible 

Since you will be stepping into the owner’s home, it is important to make sure everything is just the way you left it or better. Always clean up after yourself and the pet. If there is an emergency, call the veterinary office or, if need be, rush it to the emergency room. Never throw the pet’s disposal inside the home. Pick up their waste on walks and if they had gone around the home. If a pet parent asked for a specific action to happen, follow through with it. 

Be Compassionate

Pets can get nervous; especially when their owners are not there and they barely know you. Provide them with extra attention. Play with their favorite toy, let them sniff you, talk to them, bond with them so they feel less nervous. 

Be Honest With Yourself

Can you handle this job? If you believe you are not the best fit for this job or pet, let the owners know. Talk to them about your issues if they are interested, and maybe they can help you. But if you are struggling or are not enjoying the job, turn it down. It is better to be honest with yourself than start living in a lie. 

Be on Schedule

Most of the pets you will come across are already on a schedule. So it is important that you don’t ignore their routine. Follow the instructions from their parents and ask questions if you are ever unsure about something. Schedules allow pets to prepare for their day and expect certain events to happen. Try not to break that schedule as it could cause more harm than good. 

Be Communicative

It is nice to let the parents know how their pet is doing, but it also necessary to document what the visit was like. Share with the parents how their pet did on their walk, if they ate, how much did they eat, if they peed/pooped, where there any aggression/accidents? Take photos of everything you think the parent needs to see. But don’t worry them, the last thing they need in their busy day is to worry. 

Be Trustworthy

Follow the rules of the house. This sets you apart from many pet sitters who disobey the rules set by the owners. When you’re taking care of a pet from the owner’s house, remain trustworthy. You are a guest in the home. Try to avoid snooping around, using something that is not yours, leaving doors open, reacting without asking the owners first. 

Have a great pet-sitting journey, from The Fire Hydrant Team!

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  • Ryan Biddulph March 7, 2023 at 9:26 pm Reply

    Awesome job Samantha. As someone who’s been house-pet sitting around the globe for 9 years now you hit on all key pointers. Being responsive gives pet owners confidence in you. My wife is so quick to reply to every message in time-sensitive fashion. We also have posture in picking only sits that match our skillsets and preferences. Great post!


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