4 Steps to Care for a Fractured Bone

It is devastating to know that a loved one is hurt; especially animals. They cannot voice their pain so it is up to us to read their body language and understand their personality to really know what is wrong. If your dog has been injured, here are the steps to care for a fractured bone. 

care for a fractured bone

First, muzzle your pet.

This is to prevent injury to you, your pet, and anyone else nearby. A dog will be snappy and agitated with their situation. Before you move forward with their care, adjust your pet with their muzzle. 

Second, lay your pet 

Lightly place them on a flat surface for support. This is to ensure that nothing further injures their fracture. Keep them calm and be gentle with their care. Note their symptoms throughout the process too. 

Third, create a stretcher

Use a stretcher to take your pet to the vet. This is to stabilize their injury and keep it from moving. To make a stretcher, use a board or a firm surface for the base, and use a throw rug or blanket for a sling. 

A splint is also a good way of stabilizing the fracture, but note that if made improperly, it can harm your pet. Carefully transport your dog to the vet and they will help with splint placement. 

Fourth, comfort

Make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible. It is a scary moment for them as it is for you. Have their favorite toy and treats around to get their mind at ease. 

Dogs are adventurous and can find themselves in some trouble. If something does happen, follow the correct steps and provide the necessary care for a fractured bone. 
Hope this was helpful, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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