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How to Care for Kittens

Did your cat have kittens? Not sure how to care for them? No worries! We all started out not knowing what to do. To make the transition simple, we compiled a list of what to do with new kittens around. It’s okay to feel nervous or even a little scared, but with the right care and love, these kittens will grow up happy and comfortable. Follow along here with these steps to learn how to care for new kittens. 

Have a Soft Bed

Kittens are used to the warmth and comfort when they curl up next to their mom and each other; so when they are left alone, they need to feel that feeling in another way. It’s important to have a cozy and safe place for them to remember what it’s like when laying next to their mom. Have a soft, warm bed for them ready when they are first brought home. This may be the place they spend most of their time in.  

Their Feedings

With the mother gone, kittens need to be fed in an alternative way. When bottle feeding, ask a vet which formula is best for your kittens. Take the suggestions and try out the formulas to find what sits well with the kittens. Remember to also feed them on their side, not on their backs to prevent choking. Be gentle and take it slow with them. 

Litter Box Training

Time to potty train! For litter box training, you will need to stimulate their urine or bowel movement as they are in the litterbox to familiarize them with the area. This means you will need to make them go pee or poo as they are inside their litter box. The kitten will hopefully paw at the litter instinctively; if not, make sure to show them how. Keep bringing them to their litter box to familiarize themselves with it until they start to use it on their own. 

Grooming Maintenance

Grooming is needed to prevent any undesirable messes and injuries. The hair brushing and trimming of their nails as they are kittens will help avoid any excessive hairballs and claw snags. This will get the kittens used to their regular grooming so they will have less 0f a difficult time as they get older. 


It is very important to get kittens to socialize as they are young. Kittens should mingle with people and animals so they are comfortable during interactions. Try to gently handle them one at a time as soon as they are a week old. Have them listen and watch interactions between people and other animals. Do daily social interactions so that the kittens are used to the scents, sights, and touches of different people and pets in the home. 

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Hope you have a wonderful experience with your new kittens, from The Fire Hydrant Team!

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