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Cat or Dog, Which Pet is Right for You?

Cat or dog? We all would love to have a furry little cutie to cuddle with 24/7. As a pet owner, it is important to decide which pet is the best companion. Cats are comfortable being on their own; while dogs love the attention from their best human. To help with the most important decision in your pet journey, this article will lay out characteristics each pet has so you can confidently choose the right pet for you. 

cats or dogs? cats


These adorable furry pets are able to care for themselves without complete assistance from their owner. Cat or dog? Here are some traits and accommodations a cat owner will likely have for their pet, but not entirely true for all breeds:

Cats Traits

  • They don’t particularly enjoy other cats’ (other pets) company.
  • Cats are independent and would rather entertain themselves than have someone play with them. Although some cats do enjoy playtime. 
  • When it comes to security, they are not the ideal protector. 

How To Care For Cats

  • They are indoor pets; it is riskier to allow a cat outdoors since cats are natural wanderers. They could come home with an illness or get lost in a remote area. 
  • When it comes to training them, it is best to use different techniques to get them to listen to you. Cats are a species that rather listen to what they want than what someone else wants. 
  • To housebreak a cat, simply show them their litterbox. Based on their biology, they are prone to bury their waste rather than leaving it in the open. 
  • For meals, cats require multiple feedings a day and each meal containing a sort of meat. 

Financial for Cats

  • Cats do not require as much funds within their lifetime. With any medical bills, food, toys, and grooming, they are cheaper than what a dog owner will pay. 
  • When you first get a cat, they will need their necessities such as: litterbox, dry food, wet food, water bowls, scratching post, toys, catnip, treats, kitty litter, and other expenses an owner wishes to provide for their cat. 
  • Keep in mind what you would like to have for your cat and put that money aside to care for your pet. 
cats or dogs? dogs


As cute as they are, they require more care than a cat. For a pet owner who loves to be outdoors, interacting with people, or cuddling with a big pillow, a dog is the best fit. Cat or dog? Here are some traits and accommodations a dog owner will likely have for their pet, but not entirely true for all breeds:

Dogs Traits

  • Sociable; will need to be walked, mingled with other dogs, played with, and shown affection everyday. 
  • Careful with the dog hair throughout the house. Some breeds shed like crazy while others rarely do. 
  • Great security pets.

How To Care For Dogs

  • Dogs love to have a large space to run around or play with their toys. They can be both indoor and outdoor pets so long as they get their necessary exercise. 
  • Training is costly compared to cat training. Dogs follow a pack leader (you) to obey what is told to them. 
  • It will take time and patience to housebreak a dog. There will be times where accidents occur and better to be prepared for it before you think about owning a dog. 
  • You can feed them twice a day as opposed to cats; but dogs do eat a lot in one sitting. 
  • They are sociable and would rather see and interact with others. 
  • When introducing new people or dogs, watch your dog closely. Sometimes a stranger could upset a dog and cause them to react. For the safety of everyone around, stay cautious of your dog if around new faces. 

Financial for Dogs

Providing the utmost care for your dog will require some funds. 

  • If you get a young pup, dog training will be a big expense; however, the benefits of dog training are quite rewarding. 
  • When house training your dog, some items could get damaged in the process, such as furniture, carpets, or personal belongings; replacing or fixing those items will add on to the expense. 
  • Depending on the size of your dog, they will need food and treats. Some dogs eat smaller portions while others gobble up their foods. Deciding which dog food to get them is tricky based on your dog’s dietary needs and allergies (yes, some dogs can have intolerances to ingredients). 

If you are still unsure which pet is right for you, cat or dog…

Try pet sitting for someone. It would be a lovely gesture and a fun way to live the life of a pet owner. 

We hope you find your new best friend for life, from the Fire Hydrant Team.