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4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat’s Brain Function

Have you ever wondered what goes on in our cat’s brain? If only our cats can tell us what is on their mind. Well, studies have shown that our cats can comprehend certain tasks and apply what they experience in their actions. Share with cat lovers these 4 facts you didn’t know about your cat’s brain function. 

Cats have a similar brain anatomy to humans

The important structures that share between cat and human are the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and brainstem. In a smaller cranium, cats use different functions of their brain more than humans since the size and brain cells are vastly different (a human’s brain is bigger than a cat’s brain). This explains why cats are more in tune with balance and coordination, or their cat-like reflexes. This allows cats to jump, hunt, and climb more smoothly than dogs or humans. 

So make sure to give your cat space to enjoy their internal instincts. 

Cats don’t fall for disappearing acts

Do you remember those viral videos of people holding up a blanket or a sheet and running to another room before the blanket or sheet hit the floor, making it seem that they vanished in front of their pets? Well, sorry to say but cats do not fall too easily with those disappearing acts. 

Object permanence is very much practiced with cats. They are able to grasp the concept of objects right in front of them. So when a cat loses a toy and stares at it waiting for the toy to return, they know that the toy they were playing with is there and out of reach. 

Cat memories aren’t that great

This goes for their short-term memory. Professionals have tested the theory that cats’ ability to retain memory for a short period is not well developed. In a study, cats were given the chance to use the information they were given in an experiment. The results came out to be lasting about a minute with a decline after 10 seconds. 

Although their short-term memory is not their strongest skill, a cat’s long-term memory is strong. Just like humans, cats can suffer from cognitive decline as they age or fall ill. To keep improving and challenge your cat’s brain function, provide a proper outlet to get their thinking skills working and create a healthy lifestyle for them. 

Cats have some concept of time and can tell more from less

It may not be as easy as showing cats a clock, but they can differentiate a length of time. In the same study, cats were asked to hold off eating for a duration of time. Based on the results, they were able to tell how long those periods of time were. This can attest to their native instincts. When cats hunt, they are timing the movement of their prey. As well, cats are learning the quantity of their prey. The amount of moving figures equals the amount of food they will have. 

Hope you found this interesting, from The Fire Hydrant Team

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