Why You Should Choose Local Pet Services Instead of Rover + Wag

Why You Should Choose Local Pet Services Instead of Rover + Wag

With the internet being fast and easy, with a simple Google search Wag! and Rover appear right at the top. They offer dog and cat services for a very low and affordable rate. You may also see under your google search other local pet care services in your area that are not frequently advertised. Even though these local businesses do similar work as Wag! and Rover, we believe that they bring more to the table.


Rover is an easy option. They offer services such as dog walking, in-home visits, day care, etc.. You choose the service and dates you need a sitter for, browse through the list of sitters, contact and book your favorite.

However, did you know that Rover doesn’t insure the people that are on their site? Did you know that if an emergency came up with the pet, that the sitter may not be CPR or First Aid certified to be able to react in such a situation? Rover does not check these things. Consultations aren’t required either. As the pet owner, you may not know who you are getting and if this person is reliable. They could be someone that just signed up on the site to earn some extra cash, and don’t know what they are doing. As the pet sitter, you may get a pet that acts completely different from what the owner said.


You don’t want your sitter to do this, do you?


Wag! is another easy option. Wag! is a dog walking service that can be scheduled instantly. Download the app, choose the date and time for your pet to be walked, and the sitter will show up at that time.

However, did you know that Wag! doesn’t insure the people that are on their app? Did you know that if an emergency came up with the pet, that the walker may not be CPR or First Aid qualified to be able to react in such a situation? Yes, a background check and a survey must be filled out to make sure the walker is a great fit, but that’s really it. Plus, there are absolutely NO consultations. As the pet owner, you have no idea who is showing up to your door. Wag will tell you that ‘Ashley’ may be coming by, but it’s a complete stranger. There is an option to have a ‘preferred walker’, but they may not always be the one walking your dog.  As the dog walker, you don’t know what the dog may be like. There are notes from other Wag walkers, but if it’s a new person to Wag, there isn’t much to go off of.

Local Pet Services

Local pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, etc. may not be an app, but like we mentioned before, local pet services bring a lot ot the table. Take Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting  in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley for an example. We offer services such as Dog Walking, Cat Care, Overnight Pet Sitting and Drop-In Visits. On each service page on our website, we mention the benefits and frequently asked questions about the service. Then all you have to do is send us an email or message through the contact page. Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting will then respond and ask more questions about your pet, and what you may be looking for.

Usually with local pet sitting and dog walking services, a complimentary consultation is a requirement! At Fire Hydrant we believe in building relationships with our clients and having open-lines of communication. Which we feel like it’s best for the pets that the owner and sitter get along. During the consultation, it is a great opportunity for the pet to sniff out the sitter, as well as insuring that it’s a great fit for the pet and the sitter.

Did you know that Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting does insure our contractors? As well as making sure they pass a background check, and are CPR and First Aid certified before even handling a client’s pet? We are also licensed in our high-demand cities. And most local services are! They want to maintain a good reputation with the city and their clients. Local businesses have a bit more at risk than big companies like Rover and Wag, and we try to put in our best efforts to help our businesses grow, and ensure quality pet care.

Yes, Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting or local pet care services near you may not offer as low rates as Rover or Wag, but we do provide much more to ensure the quality of safety and wellness to your pet.

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