8 Dog Walking Essentials for National Walk Your Dog Week

Time to celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week! Do you have the right dog walking essentials for your daily walks? Some items work great for our dogs, but there will be a few that just make their lives harder. It is important to have the proper gear for our dogs for their safety and comfort. As the walker, you will need some items on hand in case you run into a situation that calls for it.

dog walking essentials

Curious on dog walking essentials? We break it down for you here. Jot down these essentials to have on hand the next time you take your dog on a walk.

Fannypack/Backpack with

Water bottle

Eco-friendly poo bags

Dog treats

First Aid Kit

Doggie wipes

Self Defense Item

Dog-friendly spray repellent



For your pet’s leash and harness, keep in mind there are different types of products to choose from. There are leashes that are meant for a specific dog size, and they may or may not work for your dog. You will come across types of harnesses that work best for pullers, but not so good for barkers. Each item works to their strength and trying out ones that you think may work for your pet is a way to figure out what works great for both of you. Check out the different types of leashes and harnesses that will help jumpstart your dog walking journey.


Flat leads – the standard type of dog leash that attaches to the collar by a metal clasp.

Gentle leaders – meant to discourage pulling and is used during training.

Slip lead – ideal for quickly wrapping around a dog and are used during training sessions.

Martingale – functions as a lead and a collar to prevent your dog from slipping out of it.


Front clip harness – the D ring for leash attachment is on the front of the dog. 

Back clip harness – the D ring for leash attachment is on the back of the dog.

Dual clip harness – has both a rear clip and front clip.

Day pack harness – heavy duty backpack to carry their gear.

Have a safe and fun walking adventure, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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