Fire Hydrant FAQ's

  1. What are acceptable forms of payment?
    Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC prefers cash, Venmo or check. But we do accept accept cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, QuickPay, and/or credit or debit card. This is something that may be discussed during the consultation.
  2. I need someone to stay overnight, do you guys offer that service?
    At this moment, we do not offer overnight services. 
  3. My dog/cat has medications, is that okay?
    Of course! We can handle pill or liquid medications. No needles please.
    Please inform the sitter prior or during the consultation. As well as providing the required information and medication needed.
  4. When will the holiday rate apply?
    To see when Holiday Rates apply this year, click here
  5. Does Fire Hydrant board pets? I able to leave my pet with you? 
    Unfortunately, we do not offer doggy daycare nor boarding services. We believe the pets are more relaxed comfortable within their own homes.
  6. Are there any extra or hidden fees?
    Additional fees do apply for the holidays.
    There are Last Minute booking request fees, travel fees, and late payment fees. For more detailed information, please view Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Policies.
  7. Are there discount opportunities? Can I have a discount? 
    Sign up for our Fire Hydrant Newsletter! Keep an eye out for promotions to earn your pet a free walk or visit. Otherwise, discounts are not given. You are paying for the time slot and the time we spend with your pets.

    You may also get a free walk or visit when you refer a friend to us!*

    * They must schedule and complete a booking to receive a discount. A free walk or visit applies to MAX. 2 pets. Otherwise, it will be 50% off. 

For specific questions on our services, please check out the service you are interested in. On that page, it will have a list of their own FAQ’s.

If you don’t see your question, please do not hesitate to ask! Please fill out the form below or contact us here

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