Have Your Dog Walked Vs. Staying in the Yard

Ever wondered to yourself if it’s better to have your dog walked on a regular basis or if letting your dog run around in your back yard like you do now is enough? 

Well, the truth is that your dog will benefit from both. But there is an additional truth: dogs are natural explorers, and as you can imagine, explorers need to…explore.

In fact, according to Dr. Pam Reid, a certified applied animal behaviorist and vice president of the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team, “Most dogs enjoy seeing different things, smelling new smells, feeling novel substrates under their feet and hearing unfamiliar sounds.”

The great news for you is that letting your dog out for a potty break and a chance to run around in your yard allows your dog to get some exercise in, which is always a good thing. However, having your dog walked, especially in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley area, provides at least three benefits that your backyard doesn’t.

Going beyond your backyard and having your dog walked empowers your dog with enrichment activities, a chance to socialize, and to also interact with other dogs and people. This also gives your dog an opportunity to become familiar with cars, trucks, and motorcycles zooming by on the street. Over time, your dog will become comfortable with the sights, sounds, and people, and adapt to all of the great things the world has to offer.

Have Your Dog Walked Vs. Staying in the Yard

Benefit #2: It Makes Your Dog Happier.

By nature, dogs are curious. They love to play and have fun. But keeping your dog in the confines of your backyard is not exactly your dog’s idea of fun. 

Here’s why: Dogs become bored very easily, often triggering dangerous behaviors. For example, many dogs will start searching for small openings in the fence to try to get out or start digging under the fence in an effort to break free and explore beyond the yard. 

But by having your dog walked by you or a professional pet sitting company, your dog will not only get the daily exercise he or she needs, but your dog will also be free to explore, which makes him or her happy. And when your dog is happy, your time with your dog after a long day’s work becomes happy time for you and your family.

Have Your Dog Walked Vs. Staying in the Yard

Benefit #3: It Helps to Prevent Serious Medical Issues.

According to the Pet Health Network, it is estimated that 7.8 million dogs in the United States have heart disease. That’s a lot! However, having your dog walked on a regular basis for 30-60 minutes ensure that your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise it needs to maintain and healthy weight and heart. 

And if you’re like most Americans who according to The Washington Post, now spend an additional 17 hours commuting back and forth to work each year, which is the highest it has ever been, while also spending longer hours at your place of employment, hiring a professional pet sitting service to walk your dog, ensures that your fur baby is free of serious health issues because it is getting the proper amount of daily exercise it needs, is mentally stimulated and is happier when you get home from work.

Have Your Dog Walked Vs. Staying in the Yard

Post Written By Nicholas Cole
First Image by Artem Beliaikin
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