How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

Ever wondered to yourself how often you should groom your dog? 

Well, you’re not the only one. In fact, as a professional pet sitting company, this is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions. Whether you have a short-haired dog, long-haired dog, or a dog with a thick undercoat or wavy and curly undercoat, today we’re revealing the best practices when it comes to grooming your dog.

Short-Haired Dogs

Short-haired dogs don’t need haircuts unless there is a medical reason. Here’s why: Haircuts can be harmful because it’s so close to the skin. However, regular brushing of short-haired dog coats is important. It keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy from the inside out. Besides, it also keeps debris and other harmful contaminants and oils off of your dog’s coat.

Using a curry-type brush is great for short-haired dogs when you notice that he or she is shedding hair. If your short-haired dog has an undercoat, brush your dog’s hair every other day. The reason is that over time, loose hairs can get caught in your dog’s undercoat and irritate his or her skin.

Long-Hair Dogs

Quite simply: you should groom long-haired dogs every day. Depending on your preference on the length of your dog’s coat; if you want your dog’s coat to be longer, then you should groom your dog’s coat twice a day. A great tool to use for long-haired dogs is the greyhound comb. It’s great for dealing with tangles that often form close to the skin. 

Another aspect of grooming that’s vitally important for long-haired dogs is bathing. Long-haired dogs should be bathed every four to six weeks. When it comes to a haircut, long-haired dogs should get a haircut every eight to 12 weeks. If you want to keep it simple and have a balance of both, take long-haired dogs to a professional groomer every six weeks. 

However, the secret to grooming and or eliminating the need for frequent visits is brushing. The more you brush long-haired dogs’ hair, the longer you can go without visits to the groomer.

Thick Undercoats

Breeds like Spitz breeds require brushing on a daily basis and at least one bath per month to keep them healthy and feeling great. A great tool to use is an undercoat rake instead of using anything with sharp blades. Sharp blades tend to cut the undercoat, which may cause problems with your dog’s growth pattern and texture.

In addition, a thorough undercoat removal every eight to 12 weeks allows your dog’s skin to breathe without losing insulation. As for a haircut, the best thing to do is to cut no more than a half an inch off.  Here’s why: if too much is cut off, it can alter your dog’s undercoat regrowth, which can take up to two years to re-establish.

Wavy and Curly Coats

If you’re the owner of a wavy or curly coat dog, heavy, heavy grooming is required. These types of coats require more attention than any other coat. That’s why brushing on a daily basis is mandatory. In fact, brushing two to three times a day is considered normal if you want to keep your dog’s coat nice and long.

As for bathing, it is recommended that wavy and curly coats visit a groomer every three to four weeks and every six to eight weeks for haircuts.


Post written by Nick Cole ; Featured Image by Benjamin Lehman