How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Coyotes

Owning a pet is one of the greatest joys that anyone can experience. Whether you have a dog or a cat, we’re sure that ensuring your fur baby’s safety is one of your top priorities. And if you reside in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley area, we’re also sure that you’re aware of the presence of coyotes, which can pose an immediate threat to your pets.

Historically, coyotes have lived in areas where they were no threat to pets or humans, but in recent years, coyotes have spread to heavily populated areas and in some cases, have come in contact with pets. However, there are some things that you can do to keep your pets safe from coyotes.

The first thing that you as a pet owner should know (especially if you have a dog) is that your dog could be attracted to coyotes, which could lead to a dangerous encounter. In fact, according to Camilla Fox, founder and executive director of Project Coyote, an organization that strives to foster coexistence between people and wildlife, “A dog and a coyote are genetically similar enough where they can interbreed, though interbreeding is not very common. There is an attraction often between dogs and coyotes and it’s often the dog that starts the chase behavior. But if an incident occurs, then the coyote gets blamed.” 

To ensure that there is no one to blame – whether it be yourself, your pets, or the coyotes, listed below are a few safety tips to help keep your pets safe from coyotes 

Tip #1: Do Not Feed Wildlife.

This is by far the easiest way to keep your pets safe from coyotes. Although it may seem like a no brainer, statistics show that people unintentionally feed wildlife by leaving leftover food out in their yard. Food scraps are definitely an attraction for coyotes and sets up the possibility of coyotes coming in contact with pets. 

Tip #2: Do Not Leave Your Pet Unattended.

With the increase of coyotes in the area, never leave your pets unattended. If you’ve owned a pet for any length of time, we’re sure that you’ve already discovered that pets are like children: you must keep an eye on them at all times to ensure that they steer clear from hurt, harm and danger.  

How to protect your pets from coyotes

Tip #3: Avoid Walking Your Dog During Twilight Hours.

Walking your pet is always a great idea. We believe in this so much that we provide dog walking and pet sitting services for pet owners just like you each day of the week. But if you take your pet out for a walk, avoid walking your pet during twilight hours. Coyotes are more active when the sun goes down and if you’re walking your pet during these hours, your pet could become a target.

Tip #4: Feed Your Pet Inside.

Feeding your pets inside is by far the best way to keep your pets safe from coyotes. But if you must feed your pets outside, do it midday and for a set amount of time. Be sure to pick up any leftovers. 

Tip #5: Keep Your Yard Up.

Keeping your yard nice and tidy is a great idea as it relates to keeping your pets safe from coyotes. Here’s why: Shrubbery gives coyotes a place to hide and if gone unnoticed, coyotes can be a source of danger for your pets. In addition to keeping your yard up, surround your home with high fences – at least 6-feet high and installing motion deterrents such as sprinklers and lights are great ways to keep your pets safe from coyotes. 


These are just a few quick and easy things that you can do right away to keep your pets safe from coyotes.



Post by Nicholas Cole

Image by Amol Mande