With the coronavirus (COVID-19) increasingly spreading across the United States, in addition to the White House extending its stay-at-home order, like many people, being forced to stay indoors as much as possible can lead to less activity not just for you, but also for your dog.

Dogs are explores by nature and with less activity, which some pets are experiencing due to the local, state, and national stay-at-home orders, your dog can become bored. Yes, dogs become bored pretty quickly, so today we’re going to give you three indoor activities to help cure your dog’s boredom.

Hide and Seek.

This is an awesome game to play with your dog. It not only allows your dog to explore, but it also ensures that your dog stays active in a fun and exciting way. The object of this game is to turn your pet into an indoor detective. Strategically place some dog treats around your house and then throw a few treats your dog’s way and say “find it” to start the game. 

Once your dog has eaten the obvious treat, your dog will naturally sniff around to see if there is more. This forces your dog to sniff and move everywhere you’ve placed the other dog treats. We recommend starting with a smelly treat such as liver treats/meat just to help your dog catch on to the game. Over time, when you say “find it” your dog will know what to do.

Flirt Pole.

What’s really great about this game is that it’s not only fun for your dog, but it’s easy to play. A Flirt Pole is similar to a fishing pole. Normally you could get a flirt pole at the store, but with all of the restrictions in place now, you can still make one quickly and easily at home. All you need is some type of stick to serve as a rod, some string to tie at the end of your rod and a toy that your dog gets fired up about. 

Once you have your pole together, simply walk around with your pole to entice your dog to chase after it and try to get the toy. What’s really awesome about this is that it excites your dog and provides exercise for the both of you.


There’s nothing more exciting for your dog than to learn a new trick. Dogs love being challenged and now that we’re all being forced to stay inside for a prolonged time frame, there’s no better time to pull out a new trick than right now. Tricks keep your dog active and are sure to relieve your dog from boredom. 

First you’ll want to start with the tricks your dog has already mastered and then work from there. For example, if your dog has mastered “shake” you can move on to a new trick such as “high-five”. The key here with revealing new tricks is to keep your sessions short. This gives your dog the opportunity to absorb and digest the new trick and be fired up the next time you play.

If you are looking for your dog to learn more of advanced skills, reach out to our friends over at Rooted Dog Training to view their Virtual Obedience Program, and they’ll be able to assist you and your dog in the comfort of your own home!

These are just a few indoor activities to help cure your dog’s boredom. Professional pet sitting companies routinely use them while keeping pets and now you can too.

Post written by Nick Cole ; Featured image by Dominika Roseclay