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Interview with Chloe Anchondo, the Owner of Rooted Dog Training

Interview with Chloe Anchondo, the Owner of Rooted Dog Training

Are those DIY dog training YouTube videos not providing the results you expected? Have you considered getting your dog professionally trained, but don’t know what to look for? I was given the opportunity to sit down and meet with the owner of Rooted Dog Training, Chloe Anchondo, and asked her a few questions! What is the difference between training methods? Why is it important to have your dog trained? What to look for when hiring a dog trainer? Are we able to speak our dog’s language?

“Being able to help people is one of the biggest things I enjoy.”

Chloe has been chasing after animals since she was a little kid. She entered the pet/exotic animal care industry over 15 years ago when hired on by Los Angeles County to participate in their nature and educational centers, and working with wildlife. Chloe then went on to start her own dog walking business. While working in the field, Chloe became fascinated by dogs’ behavior and shifted her focus in that direction. Chloe now operates Rooted Dog Training full-time where she offers programs that help provide structure between clients and their dogs. 

“I never thought I would be working with dogs, and still to this day, I can’t believe it! I enjoy it very much. I really love working with people and teaching people. Dog training combined those two loves.”

Training Methods & Tools

“Each dog that I work with is a different case in it’s own way, they are each individuals, and I get to work with people. I help the owner better understand the dog they have in front of them.” 


What are the different training methods for dogs? Which one do you prefer to use?

“One way is balance training, where I teach both yes and no. The second way, the more popular one, is peer positive training, which is all rewards based. All yes, zero no. It’s the most popular because it feels good to always say yes.

“With my dog training methods and taking the balance training approach, I like to base it off the way canines instinctively behave. If a dog were to correct another dog, they bite. They aren’t cuddling all the time. They are very structured animals and have rules. There is a leader and a follower.

“If we think the way dogs think, it’ll help us communicate with them. We can shape their behaviors. Either if that’s trying to shape your dog to stop the dogs from jumping on you or others, barking and lunging at other dogs, to stop dog growling at your kids, to stop your dog from running away, digging in the yard and destroying the house, etc.. These situations can turn out dangerously if not correct. There needs to be some form of punishment.”


What tools do you use to help shape a dog’s behavior?

“There are several ways we [Rooted Dog Training] primarily use prong collars or e-collars, different kinds of leash pressure or even body pressure, and making sure to be careful of how my energy is presented around the dog. Doing all those ways are how we can mimic how a dog would communicate to another dog.

“Every dog is an individual, just like people, we each learn differently. So how I train one dog is not going to be like the next. I have a blueprint, and then we find what works from there.”


What services are offered by Rooted Dog Training?

Chloe specializes in issues such as getting your dog to stop jumping, reactivity to dogs or people, puppy behavior, minor aggression, and more! Rooted Dog Training offers two main services to help shape your dog’s behavior:

  1. Board & Train
    Where your dog will stay with Chloe for an average of 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks, she does all the heavy lifting for you. She works through your dog’s behavior issues and teaches them commands.

    At the end of the 3 weeks, she will teach you everything that she’s taught your dog and how you can continue the process. Chloe will guide you through all the techniques, tools, and the right methods to continue your dogs training.  
  2. One-On-One Obedience Program
    Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, Chloe has been able to help others with training their dogs through one-on-one sessions virtually.This program is a 6 session course where you meet with Chloe once a week for 1-1.5 hours. It is very similar to the board & train program, the main difference being the owner will be doing the heavy lifting instead.

When deciding on which program would be best: “it all is based on the owner and what’s better for their life and their schedule, and what they are willing to do. As long as the commitment is there!”


What do you suggest people should look for when hiring a dog trainer?

“I want every client of mine to be comfortable working with me. I want them to feel a good vibe with me, feel connected. What I want from them, is to look at me and see someone that is trustworthy, that they can respect and seek advice from. They need to feel that from the trainer they have. They need that relationship. Feeling like ‘yes, this person understands me’. That’s how you will get the best results. Make sure you agree with their methods and you are seeing actual results. Regardless of how long they have been in business, if they show results and you get along well with them, go with them.”

Rooted Dog Training Reviews

“Deciding to take my rescue dog Bailey to Chloe was the best decision I have made for Bailey.  Bailey was a very aggressive little poodle mix.  I could not have people over without boarding him.  He would bark and carry on when we were on walks.  I had taken him to two other training sessions… nothing really worked.  But after six lessons with Chloe, Bailey is a well behaved, obedient dog.  Now when we walk my neighbors comment on how Bailey is so much better and such a good little dog. I was a little hesitant about some of the tools that Chloe includes with her training; the e-collar, prong collar and crate training.  But I was desperate since Bailey had escaped his harness and chased after my neighbor.  But Chloe worked with me to understand the purpose and benefits to Bailey of using these tools.  She answered all my questions and discussed with me all my concerns.   Now both Bailey and I are confident using these tools and enjoying the benefits. I would highly recommend Rooted Dog Training.  Thank you, Chloe, you are best!!” 


“Chloe is an AMAZING trainer. She really takes time to learn about your dog and what challenges you face. My dog has separation anxiety and none of my previous dog trainers really addressed it. She really guided me on how to combat this issue, and it really worked. Chloe also hosts some dog socials/pack walks so that she can help you with interacting with other dogs. Chloe makes sure after your dog training is done that you can always check in with her and ask any questions you need. You can tell Chloe really cares for you and your dog’s development. We are so thankful!”