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introduce your cat to a new environment

How to Introduce Your Cat To A New Environment

Settling in a new home could be quite scary for your cat. To introduce your cat to a new environment means long periods of simple steps to finally get them settled in their new home. 

introduce your cat to a new environment

Here are some steps to introduce your cat to their new environment: 

First, keep them calm on the car ride. 

A car ride could be a terrifying experience for your furry loved one. They probably do not know where they are going. To keep them calm, place them in their carrier as you drive to the new environment. Try not to have your cat roaming around in the car either. If not, they will become nervous and act unlike themselves. 

This is a good tip to note when taking your cat to the veterinarian. 

Second, slowly introduce your cat to a new environment 

It will take a few weeks for your cat to get used to their new home. On the first day, keep your cat in one room only. After the car ride, bring their carrier to a single room and let them out. Within that room, have their litter box ready in case they need to immediately use it. Place their bowl of water nearby as well. Prepare their food about an hour after arrival; have them get used to their surroundings first. 

Keep the doors and windows closed so your cat only sees their immediate area. After a day or so, you can show them another room; but take it slow. Don’t worry, it is very common for cats to become nervous when introduced to a new environment. 

Third, take it easy with the amount of attention 

Your cat is surveying their new environment, it will take up most of their energy. Share with your family members that your cat needs time to settle. Try not to force your furry loved one to do what you want them to do; it is scary enough to be in a new place.

Once they are relieved with their environment, they will eventually become themselves again. Be as calm as you can when you are with your cat. The tranquil demeanor you emit will ease the fear your cat may have. 

Hope these are some helpful steps to introduce your cat to a new environment. Happy pet parenting, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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