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How To Introduce Your Cat To Other Pets

It is an interesting moment when it is time to introduce your cat to other pets. The thoughts floating around in your head whether they would get along or even like each other starts to be consistent.

Well not to worry, we here at Fire Hydrant had prepared some helpful tips on what you could do when you introduce your cat to other pets. 

introduce your cat to other pets

Your cat and a new family dog

After your dog has had their time to get used to the home, slowly show them your cat. Have your new dog confined until your cat is comfortable with the new family dog. Always have the introduction inside the home. During the first encounter, keep the new dog on a leash. Calmly have the dog get to know the family cat without any chasing or playful jumps. Watch over them carefully. If your cat cannot handle the introduction, allow them to retreat to another place inside the home where the new dog cannot get to. 

It will take time for your cat to accept a new family dog, and vice versa. They will get to know each other on their own time. Let their companionship happen naturally. Until they are able to coexist calmly, you must supervise them. When they both are comfortable in each other’s space at home, then it is fine to let them be. 

Your cat and a new family cat

Depending on the new cat you bring home will ultimately determine how your cat behaves during the introduction. A cat that is spayed or neutered will likely accept the new cat. If you have an adult cat and want to introduce them to a kitten, they will naturally accept the kitten. 

The trick is to let your two cats smell and hear one another before a face-to-face interaction. Place their food bowls near the door where they can hear each other so they know that they are there. To make it a happy experience for them, set a treat down near the door. After a couple of days, switch rooms. Have your cats live within each other’s room so they can smell the other’s scent. 

When they have gotten used to hearing and smelling each other (should be about a week or so), have a barrier between the two cats so they can see each other. One person can be on one side of the barrier with a cat, while another person is on the other side with the new cat. Hold the cats and call out their names so they know this is a friendly encounter. Toss them treats to get that realization that this is a good experience. 

Finally, after another week, you may fully introduce your cats. The best time to do so is after a meal. Keep a watchful eye on them in the beginning; have a spray bottle handy as well. 

Your cat and new family pets

If you are getting a new bird, hamster, fish, or snake, keep in mind that a cat naturally wants to prey on those animals. When the new family pets are enclosed in their cages, they will be safe from the house cat. Make sure to keep an eye on the beginning interactions between your cat and the new family pet. Have them both supervised before they can safely form a clear, friendly relationship.  

Hope these helpful tips are useful to introduce your cat to a new family pet. Happy pet parenting, from the Fire Hydrant Team!