March: Pet Poison Awareness Month

National Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month 

According to the Pet Poison Helpline, thousands of pets ingest various poisons each year! 

The purpose of National Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month is to help educate pet parents on how best to poison-proof their home to ensure the safety and health of their pets! Looking around your house, do you know what is toxic to them and what isn’t?

How about the coffee grounds that you accidentally spilled onto the floor? 
Or that gorgeous snake plant in the corner? 
And oh! How can we resist those puppy eyes when they are begging you for a piece of human food?!


The Top 5 Reported Poisons Pets Have Ingested are…

  1. Human food
  2. Medications that are prescribed to humans…not for pets
  3. Fertilizers
  4. Household cleaners
  5. Insecticides and rat poison

As mentioned by the Canine Journal, ingesting poison can lead to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, blood in stool, lethargy, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, nose bleeds, inability to urinate, liver damage, kidney failure, neurological symptoms, and the list goes on! 

View the Pet Poison List here

“Pets are curious and often can’t resist smelling, tasting and sometimes swallowing foods, plants and other items in our homes that interest them,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, and assistant director at Pet Poison Helpline. “Poison-proofing your home is important. Taking simples steps such as making sure your houseplants are non-toxic and storing medications in secure areas will significantly reduce the chances that your dog or cat will come in contact with a toxic substance.”

Pet Poison Helpline

10 of the Most Common Household Poisons Reported During COVID-19

Recommended Articles to Learn More About Pet Poisons

The Fire Hydrant Team has compiled a list of resources & articles for you to view! Articles that talk about hand sanitizes and the results of your pet ingesting it, as well as how to spare pets among the COVID-19 Pandemic, which household cleaning supplies are toxic to your pet, and other poisons you should be aware of. 

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