1. Can I have a discount for the more walks/visits I book? We do not offer any discounts based off the amount of visits or walks you book since you are paying for the time and time slot that you are reserving for your pet. We have some of the best employees and want to compensate them appropriately.
  2. Are there any additional fees? Yes, please view our policies.
  3. Do visits around/on the holidays cost more? Yes, please click here to view what dates our holiday rate applies.
  4. Is there a minimum amount of walks I can book a week? Yes, a minimum of two (2) walks per week is required to promote a productive, safe, and structured walk that can give your dog a healthy routine.
  5. Is there a maximum amount of walks I can book a week? No maximum, as long as the walk is scheduled within our business hours of Monday – Friday. (Drop-in visits are Monday – Sunday)
  6. How far out in advance can I book? As far out as your would like! A deposit will be required up front to reserve your spot.
  7. Something came up last minute and I need my pet cared for, can Fire Hydrant do it? Is there an extra fee? Absolutely, feel free to contact us for any services you may need, even if it is last minute. There is no last minute booking fee. PLEASE NOTE: Since it is a last minute request, it is not guaranteed that we can fulfill your request.
  8. We got home early, can I cancel my scheduled booking last minute? You can, but a refund will not be given. We do require a 24-hour notice for cancellations.
  9. Does Fire Hydrant train dogs? No, but we do know some great people who do!
  10. Does Fire Hydrant board dogs? Not at this time.
  11. Can a pet sitter stay overnight within my home? Due to California’s AB5 Law, we are unable to provide this service to California residents. In Kansas City, we only offer dog walking services.
  12. What cities are Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting & Dog Walking located in? Please click here to view our service areas.
  13. Can my pet join the pack walks? Let’s talk, call us at 833-364-4435
  14. What kinds of animals does Fire Hydrant care for? Cats, Dogs, Fish, Small Mammals, Turtles
  15. Do you accept aggressive breeds? Yes, do an extent. An assessment will take place during the consultation.
  16. Is a consultation required before starting services? Yes, to ensure everyone’s safety.
  17. What are your COVID-19 protocols? Fire Hydrant requires our employees to wear masks while they are on duty. For dog walks, we use our own equipment. For drop-in visits and cat care we make sure to wipe everything down each visit to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We provide disposable masks, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves for all employees of Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC.