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8 Reasons WHY a Pet ID is Important

A pet ID is a crucial safety feature to have so if one day they are lost, your pet can be reunited with you as soon as possible. In the state of California, pets are required to have some sort of identification, whether it is an ID tag or microchip. Pets with identification are more likely to come back home if ever separated from their family. When you welcome a pet into your home, remember to register them and arrange for them to have identification. 

The important information needed on a pet ID is your pet’s name, your name, reliable phone number, medical condition if needed, city/state OR/AND home address. Make sure to have the information accurate and up to date. Having the pet ID information current is the best chance a pet owner has at reuniting with their pet; so make sure to check everything is secured and reliable. 

It is crucial for pet parents to take identification seriously. Keep in mind these 8 reasons pets need identification. 

pet ID

Some pets may never come home

Did you know that roughly 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their life? Without an ID, about 90% of the lost pet never make it back home. Pet identification is important in case your pet is lost so that they can be easily identified and returned home. 

IDs help strangers connect with the pet 

Pets may have the time of their lives exploring new places, but they may quickly become fearful of the new areas they stumbled into. Once someone sees them and they have a tag on, it’ll be easier for the stranger to learn about the lost pet and try to connect with them. Even the pet’s name can make a difference in the scared pup. Saying the pet’s name can calm them down enough to approach and eventually secure them in a safe place while the stranger tries to find the pet’s home, which is hopefully on shared on the pet’s ID. 

Know they are not a stray

When you see a pet with a tag on in the middle of wandering town, you will automatically know that they have a home. But if you saw a pet without a tag, you might assume they have no home at all. More likely than not, pets with tags are helped quicker than pets without tags. 

Reunited after theft

Pets do get stolen; it is a sad thought, but it’s reality. Having an ID tag that has “microchipped” on it can actually deter them from being stolen by showing the dog is registered and has a family that will find them easily. Identification not only helps reunite pets with their owner but also prevent theft. 

Label medical conditions

A perfect reason to have ID tags is to share a pet’s medical condition or behavior. This is where you would share details such as blindness, deafness, need for medication for anxiety, etc. This information is needed in case a stranger comes across the pet and is unsure how to proceed. This is important for both the health and safety of the pet.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen suddenly and quickly. Being prepared before the event happens is a responsible thing to do. Earthquakes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. can scare pets off and even give them strength to jump fences. 

Make it fashionable 

Pet IDs do not have to be dull and boring. Make them fun and filled with personality! You can find lots of designs and unique features everywhere. Look through Etsy for small pet businesses, find colorful tags at pet stores, you can even design one yourself. Personalize it and make the ID the way you want it for your pet. Just make sure to add on the important ID details. 

Remember, a pet ID is just one of the many safety measures a pet parent needs to take. For more tips on how to be a responsible pet owner, check out our blog post here.

Hope this helps, from The Fire Hydrant Team!

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