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7 easy ways to potty train a puppy

7 Easy Ways to Potty Train a Puppy

One of the most important first steps you can take as a responsible pet owner is to potty train a puppy. Before considering getting a puppy, learn what it takes to potty train first. It will not be the easiest experience for most families, but it will be rewarding in the end. Your puppy will need that guidance and consistency to be able to learn from your training and continue with that knowledge for the rest of their lives. To anticipate your puppy, learn about these 7 easy ways to potty train a puppy. 

7 easy ways to potty train a puppy

Use Crates as a Tool

Crates are not a bad resource to have. In fact, many dogs thrive on the use of a crate. When you potty train a puppy, crates are great for providing a space where a puppy feels comfortable. Dogs do not want to live in a soiled area so they are more likely to wait and do their business elsewhere. Before the potty training begins, learn how to train your pup to consider a crate their personal space. Your puppy would hopefully let you know when they need to go. 

Puppy Pads for Accidents

Some puppies may not make it in time for their designated potty spot. A puppy pad is a great option to have in case of an accident. They are a place where your puppy can relieve themself inside the home if they cannot get to the outside. Provide your puppy with a place inside in case they do need to go and your are not nearby to help them. This way your puppy has an approved accident spot and you do not need to find a wet puddle hidden in the house. 

Create a Schedule 

Schedules are great to make for a consistent and structured learning experience. This also answers the question of when your puppy needs to go and how often. Once you learn that, you know when to stop what you are doing and take them out. Keep in mind that a puppy’s bladder will correspond with their age in months. For example, a 6 month old puppy may be able to hold it in for up to 6 hours. Note that no creature should be told to hold in their bladder for over 10 hours. 

Monitor Habits

What does your puppy do within the schedule? Do they drink a lot of water? Do they play a lot? Are they nappers? You can figure out these habits by monitoring your puppy’s daily activities. Keep an eye on them and note what they do that makes them need the restroom. Puppies have different times when they need to go. Learn what makes your pup need the restroom and note that in future reference. 

Stick to a Routine

Allow you and your puppy to find time in your day to let them out. It is important to create a timed schedule that is easy to follow for the both of you. You can try letting your puppy use the restroom first thing in the morning, last thing at night, after eating, after drinking, after waking up from a nap, etc. Learn your puppy’s habits and find a rhythm that works for the both of you. 

Supervise your Puppy

You may have told your puppy to go outside, but where are they going and are they actually using the potty? Sometimes puppies may just go out and play in the grass without ever using the restroom. Make sure you are watching them when you are out. Follow them to see where they go and watch if they actually went. This will confirm if they went and where they go so you know for the future. 

Control their Diet

Puppies are still developing and their digestive systems are learning what they can and cannot handle. A good idea to try is splitting up your pup’s meals into 3 small meals a day. It balances out their eating and slows down how they are consuming a day. The type of food as well has a lot to do with digestive patterns. Your pup may be sensitive to certain ingredients that might make them go or not go. Learn what foods are best for your pet and provide them with the best quality food. 

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Happy potty training, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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