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5 IMPORTANT Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

Did you know that 1 out of 5 people require medical attention after a dog bite? Did you know there are ways to prevent that from happening? Situations are different for everyone. Some might not even realize that they are in any danger until the event occurs. It is important to learn how to prevent dog bites before it escalates. Follow along with these 5 ways to prevent dog bites. 

Start Socializing Your Dog

This helps improve your pet’s socialization with people and other pets. They will begin to feel calmer and less anxious if they are routinely socialized. Remember to use a leash when taking your pet out. That way, if they ever do become uneasy, you have the control to remove them from the situation. It is as much as your doing as it is theirs. And if you are out with your dog and you see another dog, ask the owner before approaching their pet. You never know if their dog is ready to meet people or if they are comfortable with socialization. 

Follow Proper Training

Your pet will need to be trained if you want them to be around other people and pets. Not every dog will be a golden child. Dogs need a trained routine. This way they will learn what is safe and what is not. This will also teach you as a pet owner to prepare for the situation if it comes to it. Note, proper training leads to lower risks of dog bites. 

Teach The Family

Not only do you as the adult need to be following the right training, but your family and friends too. If someone tells your pet something different, they might get confused and respond in a way you did not ask for. Make sure that you teach your family and friends the right training for your dog. A confused dog is more likely to lash out and bite; prevent that by sharing their training with those around you. Also, never leave a child alone with a dog. More often than not, a dog will bite a child if their space is crossed. 

Look Out For Preventable Situations

You need to learn and observe the situations where your pet is uncomfortable or in danger. This is when a bite can occur. If you can help it, make sure you do not come across these situation: waking them up loudly, reaching for a toy they are playing with, invading their personal space, if they are growling/barking, when they are eating, or if they hurt or ill. These moments are to be avoided and when a dog should be left alone. 

Learn Their Body Language

A dog’s body language tells a lot about what they are thinking or feeling. As a responsible dog owner, you should know the difference in body language. Although we may not always understand, knowing key changes can make a difference. For instance, if you notice a dog’s ears are up and forward with their fur risen on their back and tail, that dog might act aggressively. 

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