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About Dog Walking

Dog walking is when a professional dog walker comes by the Owners home to walk your dog for a certain amount of time. Prior to the walk, the walker will make sure the leash or harness are secure. Once everything is secure on the dog, the walker will continue on the scheduled walk time. Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting offers 30-Minute or 60-Minute individual walks. After the walk, the walker will return the pet home safely and make sure that dog has plenty of fresh cool water.

If you would like your pet to walk with other friendly dogs, please check out our Pack Walk Adventures!

Standard Rates

30-Minute Walk – $16  |  $5/additional dog

60-Minute Walk – $25  |  $5/additional dog

Holiday Rates

30-Minute Walk – $21  |  $5/additional dog

60-Minute Walk – $30  |  $5/additional dog

To see when Holiday Rates apply this year, click here.

To schedule a walk, please contact us today and we would love to schedule a meet with you and your dog! 

Dog Walking Benefits

  • Dog walking is one form of exercise which will keep your pet healthy!
  • A great way to help with weight control and to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and a number of medical issues.
  • Helps grow and maintain a routine.
  • Increases in happiness with all the new sights and smells.
  • Benefits your dogs digestive system.
  • A wonderful opportunity to help your dog burn some energy. 

Dog Walking FAQ’s

  1. How will the dog walker access my home?

    The walker may access your home in anyway you, as the Owner, may choose. We highly recommend a key to access the property since it is the most reliable source. Especially since clickers and garage door pads can run out of batteries or get frozen. 

    If the key or garage door pad fail entry into the home, we do clarify with our clients during the consultation if they would like a Locksmith or for us to call an emergency contact. 

  2. An emergency came up, can you walk my dog?

    Things happen and we completely understand. With last minute request, a Fee does apply to existing and new clients.  For last minute request, within 24 hours may not be guaranteed. 

    NOTE: Consultations are HIGHLY recommended before dog walks with the owner and dog ahead of time. This is so, so we can…

    + Guarantee that the arrangement is a good fit 
    + Build Trust
    + Ensure the safety of the dog walker 
    + Gives your dog the opportunity to sniff out the walker

    *****NEW CLIENTS: If you know you will need dog walking in the future, we do recommend that you schedule a consultation with us ahead of time.*****

  3. Do you do off-leash dog walking?

    Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting does not participate with off-leash dog walks. The dog must have a leash or harness on at all times.

    Prior to the walk, the walker will make sure the collar/harness is securely tightened, so the pet will be safe and will have a lower risk of any unexpected circumstances. 

  4. Are any leashes or collars not allowed?

    Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting does not walk dogs with retractible leashes due to lack of control and the unreliability of the leash. 

    The walker will have their dog walking kit, which will contain spare leashes so the walk may be continued if the Owner only provided a retractible leash. 

  5. Are prong collars allowed? 

    Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting does accept prong collars for TRAINING purposes only. After the walk, the walker will remove the prong collar to ensure the safety of the dog.

    If there are any signs that the prong collar is affecting the dog, the walker will notify the owner and will remove the prong collar immediately to prevent further injury to the dog.