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About Drop-In Visits

Drop-In Visits (a.k.a In-Home Visits) is when a professional sitter comes into the Owner’s home to check in on the your dog. During the visit the sitter will…

✓ Make sure the pet has a clean pet area

✓ Fresh Food and Water

✓ Will take the dog for a short walk

✓ Playtime

✓ Administering medication (if necessary)

✓ Check the mail (if desired)

✓ Any other requests that will guarantee the dogs well-being


Standard Rates

30-Minute Visit – $20/Visit  | $5/additional dog

60-Minute Visit – $28/Visit  | $5/additional dog

Holiday Rates

30-Minute Visit – $25/Visit  |  $5/additional dog

60-Minute Visit – $33/Visit  |  $5/additional dog


To see when Holiday Rates apply this year, click here

To schedule a visit, please contact us today and we would love to schedule a meet with you and your dog! 

Drop-In Visit Benefits

  • Drop-In visits allows your pet to feel truly relaxed, comfortable, and literally at home. 
  • Your pet will have a lower chance of emotional or physical stress from a boarding facility. 
  • Your pet will have a lower risk of illnesses or diseases that may be left behind at someone else’s home or at a boarding facility. 
  • No need for any transportation or packing of your dogs items to a location to drop them off.
  • Your pet will be able to maintain their routine. 

Drop-In Visits FAQ’s

  1. How will the sitter access my home?

    The sitter may access your home in anyway you, as the Owner, may choose. We highly recommend a key to access the property since it is the most reliable source. Especially since clickers and garage door pads can run out of batteries or get frozen. 

    If the key or garage door pad fail entry into the home, we do clarify with our clients during the consultation if they would like a Locksmith or for us to call an emergency contact. 

  2. An emergency came up, can you go visit my dog and let him out?

    Things happen and we completely understand. With last minute request, a Fee does apply to existing and new clients.  For last minute request, within 24 hours may not be guaranteed. 

    NOTE: Consultations are HIGHLY recommended before drop-in visits with the owner and dog ahead of time. This is so, so we can…

    + Guarantee that the arrangement is a good fit 
    + Build Trust
    + Ensure the safety of the sitter 
    + Gives your dog the opportunity to sniff out the sitter

  3. What time can the sitter be there to check on my dog?

    During the consultation, this may be discussed. 

  4. Is it okay that my dog is aggressive?

    A consultation *MUST* be scheduled. Food and toy aggression is not a problem. If the dog is aggressive towards other dogs or children, please make sure to mention it to the sitter during the consultation. It will be helpful to know if the sitter takes the dog for walk. 

    If your dog is aggressive towards other human beings (especially the sitter), inside and outside the home, we will not be able to continue our services. We would highly recommend a dog trainer.