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Resources for Pet Parents

Recommended Pet Businesses

Reliable pet businesses & resources are here, available to you! We greatly trust these pet pros and love what they do!

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Chicago Dog Trainers

For Southern California Dog Trainers, please keep scrolling. They are located under Chicago’s.

Meet Shelby!

Owner of Sit Pretty Dog Training in Chicago & Chicagoland


  • Balanced Dog Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • Minor Reactivity Training
  • E-Collars/ Prong Collar Training

From Sit Pretty Dog Training: “Training is about discipline & consistency. Unlike other training companies we will keep you educated and informed throughout the entire training process as well as after. Not only will your dog learn new tricks, so will you. Throughout the rest of your precious time with your dog, you will receive exclusive access to discounted boarding and daycare, pack walks, as well as free training refreshers for you and your dog.”

Why We Love Her: Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting & Doggy Daycare loves Shelby with Sit Pretty Dog Training because she applies training and techniques that are best suited for your dog! One-size does NOT fit all, and Shelby is great at discovering what your dog needs most that is suited for their lifestyle.


Website: Sit Pretty Dog Training


Southern California Dog Trainers

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Meet Kimie!

The owner of Dog Life Inc in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and surrounding areas.


  • Puppy Training
  • Rescue Dog Training
  • Customized Behavior Modification Training

From Dog Life Inc: “Simple drills. Fun games. Realistic expectations. Identifiable progress. Through enrichment and education, Dog Life is here to make the hurdles smaller and progress greater, to celebrate the big and small successes, and enjoy the journey of your dog’s life!”

Why We Love Her: We love Kimie’s training approach! She is there for pet parents to set them up for success from the beginning. Planning on adopting a puppy or a rescue? She’ll provide you the tools the moment you bring the new furry member home. We admire her training technique where she lets the dogs just dog, and motivates them with treats & positivity.


Website: Dog Life Inc

Instagram: @doglife_inc

Meet Chloe!

The owner of Rooted Dog Training in Ontario, CA and surrounding areas.


  • Basic Obedience
  • E-Collars
  • Kennel & Place Training
  • Off-Leash Training

From Rooted Dog Training: “Rooted Dog Training is a balanced dog training company eager and ready to help dog owners create the dog of their dreams, while also overcoming frustrating dog behaviors. We specialize in off-leash obedience with the use of e-collar training in our popular one-on-one and virtual programs.”

Why We Love Her: We love Chloe because of the structure she provides to our furry loved ones. To help provide structure, she teaches pet families on the variety of tools to make training easier for you & your pup. Chloe sets realistic expectations and helps break things down for you to keep it easy to continue to build a bond between you & your pet.


Website: Rooted Dog Training

Instagram: @RootedDogTraining

Grooming Salons, Mobile Grooming, Self-Wash

For Southern California Groomers, please keep scrolling. They are located under Chicago’s.

> Mobile Grooming

About Fur Fighters Grooming: “‘Dog Hero Services’ — Our mission has always been to make grooming and care as comfortable as possible for all dogs. Everyone is busy, the van saves you money by saving you time. Rather than going to the groomer twice, we come to you ONCE. The entire time we are working on only your dog, as opposed to going through an assembly line of bathers and groomers at the salon. The van was designed for large breeds, but any dog is welcome. Your dog is special, they deserve their OWN SALON!”


Website: Fur Fighters Grooming

Instagram: @furfightersgrooming

> Grooming Salon

About Good Boys Dog Grooming: “At Good Boys, our mission is simple yet heartfelt: we’re all about making tails wag and fur shine! We strive to provide every dog with a beautiful groom in an environment that’s as comfy as their favorite napping spot. Stress? That’s a word we don’t understand – our four-legged clients experience only low-stress pampering and positive vibes.”


Website: Good Boy’s Dog Grooming

Instagram: @gbdoggrooming

> Self-Wash

About Kriser’s: “We’re a community of experts from nutritionists to groomers to behaviorists dedicated to holistic pet wellness. Here, you’ll find everything you need under one virtual and physical roof. Natural food. Healthy treats. Supplies. Grooming. Self-Wash. Vet services. Advice.”

The Fire Hydrant Team appreciates… the staff & team at Kriser’s River North Location: 453 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60654 // (872)888-6512 //


Website: Kriser’s River North

Southern California’s Grooming Professionals

> Grooming Salon

What We Love About Petz Comfort Grooming: They take their time to provide full attention to your pet. As well as utilize their training of reading a dogs body language to ensure your pets comfortability. They groom dogs & cats.


Instagram: @petzcomfortgrooming

> Self Wash

About The Village Mutt: “A one-stop shop to keep your pets clean, healthy & happy –
featuring a self-dog wash service and all-natural pet food and products!”


Website: The Village Mutt

Instagram: @thevillagemutt

Pet Accessories, Photography, and Treats

For Southern California Pet Accessories locations, Photographers, and Treat vendors — please keep scrolling. They are located under Chicago’s.

Doggy Glam Boutique

Reign Outdoors Co

Mandy Dempsey Photography

Mei Lin Barrel Photo

Bee My Honey, Sweets & Treats


Adoption Resources

Dog-Friendly Chicago Passport