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service dog do

What do service dogs do?

Service dogs are little guardians here to help us. They are intelligent, kind, and protective. But what qualifies a dog as a service dog? In accordance with California Law, service dog requirements need to meet certain parameters to be considered as helpful, service animals. 

service dog do

What does a service dog do? 

The definition of a service dog is “any canine breed that is trained to perform a disability-specific task for the person who has a medical, physical, psychiatric, or mental disability” according to Service Dog Certifications. Service dogs are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when deemed a service dog to their human. In the State of California, a legal service dog may accompany people with disabilities throughout their daily lives.

Does a service dog need identification?

Not necessarily. For California residents, it is not mandatory to carry identification when out with a service dog. However, it is highly recommended that there is a vest or tag that identifies your dog as a legal service animal. 

What can a service dog help with?

There have been various studies theorizing the benefits of service dogs. They provide health benefits, boost serotonin, ensure physical activity, etc. for their humans. Service dogs have been increasingly involved in benefitting the lives of disabled individuals with training for specific tasks.  

What service dogs do is influential in providing their human with an independent lifestyle. Guide dogs are there to help blind or visually impaired people with navigation. Hearing dogs will alert their deaf and hard-of-hearing humans to the environment surrounding them. Mobility dogs guide right alongside people in wheelchairs or walking devices. Medical alert dogs will grab the attention of their human when there is any medical issue occurring such as low blood sugar, seizure, fainting, etc.

Service dogs are wonderful animals who provide necessary care to individuals needing a helping paw. To all the amazing dogs out there, thank you, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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