Springtime Pet Safety

Springtime is here! Time for some springtime pet safety too. It is the time when we are spending more time outdoors and spring cleaning. Did you know that our activities could affect our pets? The chores we conquer can potentially harm our furry loved ones with all the chemicals and dirt lingering around. Spring holidays with foods and candies could also be dangerous if your pet is near the action. 

To better protect our loved ones, read along and find out what to avoid and how to care for your pet if they accidentally come in contact with any harmful Springtime activities. 

springtime pet safety


It’s fun to hide Easter eggs around filled with candy; but if one gets left behind, your dog might find it and chew on it to get the candy that’s inside. Keep an eye out where the candy goes and where it is placed so your furry loved one won’t accidentally stumble upon it. Also note that fake grass, candy wrappers, and plastic eggs can harm your dog’s intestines. 

Spring Cleaning 

Cleaning products have harmful chemicals that could hurt your pet. Some pet-friendly products include: Puracy, Sal Suds by Dr. Bronner’s, Bean & Lily, Skout’s Honor, Nature’s Miracle, White Vinegar, Baking Soda, homemade mixtures, Thronell Products, and Fizzion. When you are cleaning, move your pet away from all the chores and keep them far from everything until the area is dry and completely cleaned of any substances. 

Spring Flowers

As beautiful as they are, some flowers are toxic to pets. Easter Lily is lovely to look at, but if your cat ingests it, they can seriously get hurt. Make sure your cat is nowhere near Daffodils and Lilies during this season. 

Outdoor activities

Winters are cold, so we probably kept our dogs indoors and got their exercise in other ways, or maybe reduced it. Now that the weather is clearing up and we are enjoying the outdoors, our dogs may be overly excited to get out there and play. Part of springtime pet safety means keeping our pets unharmed from injuries. Start off their outdoor routine gradually so they don’t hurt themselves. It is common for dogs to injure themselves when overstimulated. 


Did you know that pets can have allergies too? With all the fresh air, different pollens and dust are kicked up and will linger in our space. If you notice your pet scratching at themselves more than usual, take note of where you two were and what your pet might have come across. If it progresses or doesn’t go away, go ahead and contact your vet. 

Fleas and Ticks

Yup, now that we are outside, the fleas and ticks are hopping onto our pets for free room and board. Check your pet whenever you come back from outside. If you notice any unwanted visitors, grab flea and tick products to banish them away. You can also prevent them by using proper items that repel the fleas and ticks. 

Have a beautiful spring, from the Fire Hydrant Team!

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