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summer pet safety

10 Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer pet safety is a pet parent’s responsibility to ensure that their pets are living well during the changing of seasons. Summer is hot and even humans cannot bear the weather. This week’s new blog post is all about summer safety! With the heat rising, we want to make sure that pet parents know what to look out for.  Follow along to these 10 summer pet safety tips, and check back on our Instagram for more pet tips. 

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summer pet safety

Careful when in the sun

The sun is not so friendly. It can cause major damage to the skin of humans AND animals. In that case, do provide sun protecting items for your pets. Sun protection clothing and pet safe sunscreen on exposed areas of skin will protect pet’s sensitive skins. 

Indoor exercise

Instead of taking walks for exercise, pets can have a great time indoors too. Some ideas to try to get pets tired and moving are: scent tracking; tossing a ball; chew toys; and agility courses. PRO TIP: freeze the chew toys for a cool and refreshing playtime. 

Be strategic with walks during the summer 

The sun will be strong and hot during the day. Avoid any outdoor walks during those times. Instead, early morning or late evening when the sun is not overbearing are the perfect times to take a walk. If you do catch some sun, make sure to be in the shadier areas. Find a route with tall trees or cool dirt to trek through. 

Do not leave pets inside vehicles 

Never, ever leave pets in cars. Temperatures can rise 80% in the 30 minutes of turning off the car. Think of it this way: If it is 75 degrees outside, the car can reach temperatures of 94 degrees in just 10 minutes of the car being off. In 30 minutes the car can reach 109 degrees. That is extremely hot for anyone, so don’t let a pet suffer that pain. 

Give pets frozen treats

A delicious treat to give pets can be frozen. Have you tried kongs? You can freeze those too! Bananas, peanut butter ice cream, yogurt treats, puppuccinos, pup safe popsicles, etc. Watch how excited your pet will get with these cool and refreshing treats to nibble at. Check out these recipes from

Use a cooling mat 

Here is a neat summer pet safety tip, have cooling mats around the house. Cooling mats are great for overheated pets. They can help an overheated dog seek a cool spot and regulate their body temperature faster than laying on a warm dog bed or carpet. Cooling pads are also a great way for senior dogs to stay comfortable in the warmer weather too.

Provide needed airflow

No one wants to be stuck in a stuffy room, breathing nothing but stale, hot air. Crack open the windows if you can. Leave the AC on for coolness. Airflow allows for the circulation of air that surrounds us, which means a breeze to cool off. 

Know the signs of overheating 

If you think your dog may be panting due to heat. lots of drooling. clumsy on feet, collapsing. blueish purple, bright red or pale gums from lack of oxygen. Have a digital thermometer for your dog. NOTE: a dog’s temperature around 101 and 102.5 is normal. Anything above 105 degrees is something to worry about and means your dog needs medical attention.

Watch out for fleas

Fleas are everywhere all the time. They enjoy temperatures of 65-80 degrees and humidity levels of 75-85 percent. For some areas of the world, fleas are all seasons. With the temperature rising, they are slowly infesting. You will need to watch out for the signs and how to clean your home to rid the pesky creatures. 

Keeping an eye out during water play

Drownings do happen. To ensure a safe pool environment, place ladders and/or non slip steps to get in and out of the pool. Have a tall barrier between the water and walkway so pets are not tempted to jump in when not supervised. Pets do get tired, so allow them to rest in between play. Remember that pool chemicals and salt water may irritate their skin, but if they ingest so much of it they will fall ill from the substances. 

Have a safe summer adventure, from The Fire Hydrant Team!

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