I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Summer is one of our favorite times of the year! The fresh air, the sun beaming on your skin, the warm summer breeze through your hair. Summer allows us the time to spend outside with our loving and adorable pets! I am sharing with you today 20 fun things to do with your pet.


20 Fun and Easy Things to Do With Your Pet this Summer

1. Take Your Dog on Your Morning/Evening Run

Get your pet active and shed off those winter pounds! Keep your pet healthy to prevent them getting overweight. Get their heart racing with a nice long walk or a run around the block! Great FREE apps to download to track your run/walk…

+ Walk for a Dog – Dog Walking

+ Nike + Run Club

+ Runkeeper – GPS Running Tracker

2. Go to Eat | See | Hear or an Outside Movie Event

See an outdoor movie, and check to see if there are Eat | See | Hear events near you, where an outside movie and live music occur. All dogs will be welcomed with a biscuit at the door!

3. Enjoy Being Pampered

Get on Groupon to check out some great local deals to pamper your pet. A massage for you and a dental cleaning or a nail trim for your pet!

4. Night on the Town

Have a lunch or dinner date with your pet! Find a restaurant with outside seating that allows dogs to enjoy your meal with.

5. Biking

Grab your bike and explore your area! Gives your pet an opportunity to spend time with you, to get exercise, and to go on a summer adventure with their favorite human.


 Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures {www.publicdomainpictures.net/} Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures {www.publicdomainpictures.net/}


6. Take a Doga Class

Love yoga? Love your dog (obvi!)? Then find a Doga class near you! Doga is a great time to engage your pet and enhance your connectivity between you two.

7. Annual Check-Up at the Vet

School, holidays, and life get in the way and lead time to escape from us. Before we know it, we forgot to schedule that annual check-up for our pet! Schedule one today. Make sure they are still their happy and healthy selves.

8. DIY Pet Projects

Pinterest offers SO many great DIY projects for your pets, that I had to share a few!

+ DIY Cat Toy

+ No-Sew DIY Dog Toys

+ Baby Sock Toy

9. Visit Local Dog Parks

Dog parks are another great way to get your dog out and about, and the chance to meet new furry friends! I have provided a short list of a few local parks here in Claremont, San Dimas, and a few other local areas.

+ Claremont Pooch Park

+ San Dimas Dog Park

+ Schimmel Dog Park

+ Ontario Dog Park

+ Chino Hills Dog Park

10. Join a Pack Walk

Here at Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting, we do offer Pack Walks from time to time. However to find local dog pack walks in your area there is an amazing *free* app for that called MeetUp. Meetup is a great app to find gatherings and others with similar interests. There are free and low cost events. I have found free pack walk events within a few miles from my home. A great way for your pet and yourself to meet other local pet lovers.

11. Participate in a CPR & First Aid Course

This summer in Pasadena, they are offering a CPR & First Aid Certification course for you to take WITH your pet. If you are not in this area, please google local events or in-person or online courses. Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting makes sure that our Independent Contractors successfully pass a CPR & First Aid Course. In case of any emergency, it will be very important for you to know how to react if your pet or someone else’s is injured.

12. Go Swimming

Buy your dog a kiddy pool and fill it up with water and ice. It’s great way to keep your dog cool for the summer, and have a great time playing in the water. *Please do not leave them unsupervised*

13. Visit Local Dog Beaches

There is no better way of spending the summer than going to the beach! Find a local beach or lake near you! Your pups happiness is contagious! To see your pup run around, rolling in the sand with a smile cheek-to-cheek is PRICELESS! I have provided a few local dog beaches in Southern California that are highly recommended.

+ Rosie’s Dog Beach – Belmont Shore/Long Beach

+ Huntington Dog Beach – Huntington Beach

+ Westminster Dog Park – Venice Beach


 Photo Credit: Andres Chaparro Photo Credit: Andres Chaparro


14. Make A Video with Your Pet and Upload it to www.DogWork.com

Have some fun with your pet and share it with fellow pet lovers on www.dogwork.com. It’s also a great site to view adorable and funny videos of other pets.

15. Make a Homemade Meal with Your Pet

Have fun this summer making fresh and healthy meals with your pet! Make sure to do your research on pet-friendly foods. As well as meeting with your vet to know your pets dietary restrictions. There are fun and fresh recipes to make with your pet this summer, like Strawberry Popsicles!



16. #LetsTakeASelfie

Grab your selfie stick and your camera and have some fun with your pet. Get hats, sunglasses, scarves, whatever your dog will accept and just have a great time! Take fun photos with your pet and keep them for you to look back on and laugh.

17. Go Fishing or Hunting

Go out and enjoy a peaceful day with your pet at the lake while you fish or hunt. Enjoy that beautiful summer air.

18. Enjoy the Fresh Air and the Clouds in the Sky

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart. Don’t want to drive anywhere? Then step outside onto your patio, ice water in hand, and your pet sitting by your side watching the clouds change formations, with the sun beaming on your skin.


 Photo Credits: Cassiano Psomas Photo Credits: Cassiano Psomas


19. Go Shopping and Let Them Pick a New Toy

Take a short road trip to your local pet store. Let your pet sniff out the aisles of pet toys and treats and let them pick out their favorite!

20. Teach Them A New Trick

Brush up on some new and old tricks! No matter how old they are, they will love the attention and treats that you give them.


 Photo Credits: Pixabay Photo Credits: Pixabay


Just a Few Friendly Summer Reminders…



And most importantly, have a great and fun summer!

Don’t leave your pet at home all day during the summer. Here at Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting we do offer In-Home Visits for one of our professional sitters to come visit your pet to give them lots of love and attention. Even with a busy work schedule or booked up summer, Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting is here to help. From Cat Care to Dog Walking to coming to your home to just visit with your furry friend. Have Questions? Click Here!

What are some activities you do during the Summer with your furry friend?

Comment and share below! You can also email us some of your summer pet pics to have featured on our social media!

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