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Time To Pet

An Easy-to-Use App to Manage Your Pet's Services!

Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting & Doggy Daycare uses Time To Pet (TTP) to keep everything regarding your pets care in one place! It has a wide variety of features that we love to take advantage of to keep things easy for you. Below, we will walk you through how to use the Time To Pet portal.

TTP is accessible through the computer and/or mobile safari, but we HIGHLY recommend you download the Time To Pet App from your app store to receive timely responses and notifications.

Step 1: Activate Your Account

After completing a complimentary phone consultation with a Fire Hydrant Representative, we will send you login credentials to access your Time To Pet client portal. Please follow the instructions provided to you within the email.

Step 2: Input Your & Your Pet's Details

Once you get logged in, follow the steps to complete your account! Make sure to input important details about yourself, such as a good phone number, emergency contact, how to access your home, and your social media handle. Then, please input your pet’s details! The more the better so we may provide consistent care for your pet! ❤️

Step 3: Book & Confirm Services

After you have inputted all the pertinent details, you are ready to book services!

Taking Advantage of These Features!

We absolutely love Time To Pet! It keeps everything all in one place! It has amazing features like….

The ability to easily manage your pet's schedule! You may add, update, and/or cancel pet services at any time, from anywhere! You may view all upcoming visits and walks through the online portal or the app.
Easily message our team where multiple team members will see the message.
Be able to view your invoice, make payments, and view all payment history.
Update your information or your pet's information anytime & anywhere
A secure place to keep all of your pet's care instructions in one place
And our favorite feature -- receiving report cards that share loads of photos of your pet & a detailed report of how they did

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