How to Use Our Time To Pet Software to Receive Updates On Your Pet

How to Use Our Time To Pet Software to Receive Updates On Your Pet

In March 2019, we started to use Time to Pet dog walking and pet sitting software. After the consultation, a login will be sent to your email for you to access your portal to Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting.

Why Use The Portal?

At Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting, we used to leave paper Report Cards after the visit for you to come home to and read how your pet did during the walk or visit. At the end of 2018, we realized how much paper we used during that year. It was no bueno!

We received such great feedback on these Report Cards, and how our clients looked forward to receiving them! On the Report Card we would include if your pet peed or pooped, received fresh water or food, if they had a clean pet area, clean litter box, if the mail or any packages were brought in, how long we walked your dog for, and so on.

We didn’t want to stop giving our clients this feedback on how their pet did while they were away!

So in the beginning of 2019 we were looking for various options on how to make sure our clients will still get updates, and a full report, on how their pet. We stumbled upon Time to Pet! With Time to Pet you can message us instantly, request a booking, see a mobile report card, and so much more! 

You can you access Time to Pet by downloading a mobile app or accessing it through your computer.

How It Works

First You Will Receive an Email

You will receive an email that says, “Welcome To Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC”. Within that email you have your login and temporary password. Click the link and enter in those credentials.

You can use this login in the mobile app by simply downloading Time to Pet App from the App Store. The login also works for the computer. 

You will be able to change your password later. 


There is a ‘Conversation’ tab at the bottom where you can message the Fire Hydrant Team directly.

Under the ‘Chat’ Section at the top, Kylie and any dog walker/pet sitter assigned to your pet will be able to see your message. 

Under the ‘Private’ Section at the top, this is where ONLY Kylie will be able to see your message. 

Use this section for any questions or concerns regarding invoicing, scheduling, the walker/sitter, and anything else that you only want Kylie to see. 

Your Information

The next tab on the bottom is the ‘My Info’ section. 

On this tab, this is where YOUR information will be. Things like your contact information, address, entry instructions, and your emergency contact. 

Your Pets Information

There is also a tab just for your pets!

All your pets will be displayed on this screen, along with their pet + veterinary information. 


If your pet has upcoming walks or visits, you are able to view them under the ‘Schedule’ tab.

You are also able to Create, Change, or Cancel a scheduled booking or request through the ‘Schedule’ tab as well!

You will receive a notification if it is approved.

*Cancellation Fees will still apply. 

The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is on the Top Left with the 3 lines.

You’ll be able to see an option to view our contact information.

Along with an option to view the documents you have signed with us. For example, Fire Hydrant’s Service Agreement.

The Fire Hydrant Team is here to make things easier for you and your pet! We want to keep you in the loop with all our upcoming advances! 

If you have any questions regarding our new software or accessing it, please give us a call or text at 909-525-6961

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