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Pack Walks

Benefits of Having Your Dog Join our Pack Walk

  • Pack Walks help provide a consistent routine & structure for your dog
  • Provides an opportunity for you dog to socialize with other dogs in a safe and structured way
  • Offers great exposure to sounds, humans, and other animals (cats and/or squirrels that we may come upon)

  • Great form of exercise (our walks are at least 75 to 90 minutes, max 120 minutes)
  • Boosts brain stimulation with sights, smells, and interactions with other dogs, humans, and environments

Pack Walk

Starting at $35 per pack walk ; $7 per additional dog

Duration of walk: At least 75-minutes for small pack walks. At least 90 to 120 minutes for larger pack walks.

Prepare for your pup to be gone for 90 to 150 minutes.


  • 2 walks per week minimum — one can be the pack walk, the other can be a regular walk, open to discuss in person
  • Must be dog friendly
  • Must be comfortable in mobile vehicle
  • Can not be a master escape artists
  • Flea medication must be given 48 hours before the pack walk

What’s Included

  • Fresh water throughout the walk
  • Treats
  • GPS walk
  • A report card with photos and progress report

Want to Get Your Pup Ready for Pack Walks?

Let’s get your pup ready to join our pack walks!

Contact us today at 833-354-4435 or and let’s get your pup in a socialized routine!

Let’s Set Up Walks for Your Dog(s) !

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