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What does a Veterinary Technician do?

Every third week of October is a celebration of the caring souls who look out for our pets and provide a safe space for animals. National Veterinary Technician Week honors those who work to ensure a comfortable living for animals of all species. But what does a veterinary technician do? We break it down below. 

veterinary technician

A vet tech can be found all over where animals are the center of their work. Chances are you will interact with them every time you visit the vet’s office. But there is so much more to being a vet tech. 

Who is a Veterinary Technician? 

You will find the vet tech working under a licensed veterinarian. Keep in mind that they can lovingly care for your animal but they cannot diagnose, prescribe, or perform surgery. 

Instead, you will come in contact with them when you need to know your pet’s patient information, when you want to know how their recovery is going, and have any questions regarding animal care.  

A vet tech is a gentle handler on drawing blood from animals, taking their x-rays, performing emergency aid, administering vaccines, collecting specimens, prepping animals for surgery, etc. 

Want to be a Veterinary Technician?

Veterinary technicians are educated to care for and handle several species of animals, both in the laboratory and/or clinic settings. A vet tech will take the route of obtaining a degree in veterinary technology. After that, a credentialing examination will need to be taken and throughout their careers will keep up-to-date with continuing education so they may be licensed/registered/certified. 

Where can a Veterinary Technician work? 

A vet technic is not contained only to research and clinics, there are different employments in various fields such as, food safety; zoo animal and wildlife care, drug company, military services, animal control, etc. 

For more information, follow NAVTA on their journey of veterinary technician resilience. 

Make sure to honor your local vet tech with thoughtful gestures whenever you visit the vet’s office. 

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week, from the Fire Hydrant Team! 

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