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What to Expect from a Dog Daycare Evaluation

At any daycare you decide to sign your dog up, an evaluation or assessment should be conducted. The purpose of an evaluation is to see how your dog interacts with other dogs, the staff, a different environment, how they may do without you as the pet owner are not there, as well as seeing if they have destructive behaviors! The list can go on! That is why it is crucial to schedule an evaluation with a daycare prior to starting services. It is for everyone’s safety.

So what should you expect from a dog behavioral assessment, or evaluation at a doggy daycare? Keep these 3 things in mind!

Prior to the Daycare Evaluation

Prior to the doggy daycare evaluation, make sure to share valuable information with the daycare. Some things that we like to know here at Fire Hydrant Doggy Daycare are:

Pet parent details (phone number, email, emergency contact)
Has your pet been to daycare before?
Are they current on all vaccinations or have completed a titer test?
The dog's previous medical history
Any triggers
Any triggers

An absolute must is making sure to send over your dog’s vaccination records prior to the evaluation! Vaccines that we require are:

  • – DHLPP (Distemper, hepatits, parvovirus, parainfluenza, leptospirosis)
  • – Bordetella
  • – Rabies

During the Daycare Evaluation

Depending on the daycare, you may hear quite a bit of barking since they know someone new is coming to see them! There will also be LOADS of new smells. This may cause your dog to feel overstimulated and feel nervous.

This is normal!

The professionals at the daycare should be able to assess your dog’s behavior as well & ensure their safety. Proper space & time should be provided.

When your dog is meeting another dog, there will be some barking, butt sniffs, and lots of tail wags. Dog’s should slowly be introduced, and the professionals should go at your dog’s pace and access what is within their comfort level. The first visit may seem overwhelming since this is a new environment. The overall goal is to see how they interact with others & the environment — even if it’s a bit of some nervous/anxious energy!

Post-Daycare Evaluation

After the evaluation, the daycare professionals should let you know how everything went. If everything went well, it is best to sign your dog up within one to two weeks after the evaluation so everything stays fresh within your pups mind and they can dive right in!

Before leaving, make sure to ask any and all questions!